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Global Vacation Network delivers extraordinary programs to you, including a remarkable referral program. We are extremely happy with your interest in a vacation program that saves you money and provides you with the best service possible.

In-Home Program

We at GVN know that we are only as sucessful as our owners make us.  Introduce the benefits of travel to your friends by having an in-home party and call us for details!! 1-866-463-3450!!

in-Home Program


As a company we are continually working to evolve and get better at servicing our members. Our in-home program brings us to you!!

What we do is ask you to  arrange a small get together with your friends, family or Co-workers in the comfort of your own phone and our representative will come out to show them how they can take advantage of the benefits of traveling with GVN, as well as keeping you updated with any and all improvements we make to GVN!!


During the in-home party presentation we interact with you and show your friends, family and co-workers all we have to offer. This is similar to the referral program, however we work with you to put on a wonderful in-home party in your own home. We will look forward to seeing you and them, and sharing the assistance we can provide them with their travel needs. Beverages and snacks are encouraged during in-home parties as we always want you and your guests to be as comfortable as possible! In fact we will reimburse you $50.00 for party food. We will also give your guest a choice of a Time-Out-Vacation, a Prepaid $50.00 Mastercard . We would also love for you to get your photos out of your travels this is a fun way to share your experiences you have had with us.  

We at GVN we know that we are only as successful as our owners make us.  Introduce the benefits of travel to your friends by having an in-home party and call us for details!! 1-866-463-3450!!


Referral Program  

The referral program allows your referral to participate in a 90-minute presentation that displays our cost saving services. Your friends are not obligated to buy, sign or join anything to receive their promotional vacation package. You may refer a friend or family member by submitting an e-mail that includes their contact information and your name as a member. Or have them call us direct 1-866-463-3450!!

Our referral program gives you the chance to refer friends, family and co-workers to take advantage of our program. An appointment is set up for the person you referred to visit one of our locations to speak with a representative. Your friend receives a $50.00 Prepaid Master Card or a Time-Out Vacation (click on link above for details). You recieve $50.00 for your referral attending this presentaion!!

 This is only available to members who refer non-members to us who take part in the 90-minute presentation.

Cruise, Referral Program in Newport, North Carolina



Upgrade Program

Our upgrade program is similar to the referral, but this is only for existing members who want to increase their package level. You are able to improve your vacation and communicate with us based on new information, properties that are acquired, and updates.


"Everyone needs to be put in Time-Out every once in a while"

Refer a friend over to us and we will give them a Time-Out Vacation!!

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Global Vacation Network does not collect the information of people visiting our website. Our only contact with you is through a response to an e-mail inquiry sent by you. We do not collect e-mail addresses, nor do we use a third party to manage our e-mail information. Therefore, we do not sell or knowingly transmit information to other sources.

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