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GVN is the largest distributor for Global Connections Inc. What began as a buying service in 1971 has transformed into... A world premier travel club. Global Connections Inc®. Opened its doors on July 19, 1996, fulfilling travel club memberships by providing condominium accommodations and buying services to families across the country. Today, Global Connections Inc® is one of the most respected travel club developers and travel fulfillment providers in the vacation industry. More than 250,000 families enjoy membership in the travel clubs Global Connections Inc® services, saving on vacations, cruises, tours and name-brand merchandise. Property management and resort development services are provided to clients around the country, and travel and leisure services are tailored to meet the needs of the vacation industry. Innovation coupled with experience allows Global Connections’ staff to bring the freedom of flexibility in a competitive marketplace to consumers and businesses alike.


Group,  Vacation Packages in Newport, North Carolina


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